Bintou Dembélé

Bintou Dembélé is a choreographer and dancer coming from, as she says it herself « the Hip-hop ». Since she started her career in France (1985), and thanks to her street and image culture, she developed her own body language. She joined the dance groups Aktuel Force and the Collectif Mouv’ (that became Ykanji) at the Théâtre contemporain de la Danse in Paris​​,​ and danced for ​the company Käfig​, MC Solaar... In 2002, she founded her company, named Rualité (which is a French play on words for street –rue, and reality –réalité) and developed her own choreographic technique. Through her most recent works, she explores different themes like the colonial history, the notion of rite and marooning (Mon appart’ en dit long, Z.H., S/T/R/A/T/E/S – Quartet). She frequently collaborates with various artists, such as Grand Corps Malade,​ ​Sophiatou Kossoko​ ​and​ ​Clément Cogitore, or researchers like Sylvie Chalaye. Rualité’s performances are programmed in France and worldwide (recently in Sweden, Chile, and Macedonia). For over a decade, Bintou Dembélé trained many dancers thanks to cultural and professionalization projects in French Guyana, in Burma and more recently in Mali.

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