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The Dix Mois d’Ecole et d’Opéra (“Ten Months School and Opera”) program, created 30 years ago by the Opéra de Paris in partnership with the National Education Ministry, continues its evolution taking into account the axes of development of the Academy: transversality, plurality of practices and accessibility. Its basic premise is that of allowing all students to embrace their citizenship to the full.

To accompany the thousands of students cut off from certain forms of art and culture, for the most part from Priority Education networks, the Dix Mois d’Ecole et d’Opéra programmes offers many classes, accompanied by educational teams engaged in the field of artistic education and cultural action, the opportunity to build two-year projects that are as many unique courses contributing to success and development of the pupils.

From kindergarten to high school, through elementary school and college, they are able to explore a new universe whilst making the link with the programmes of the disciplines taught.   

Each student path is based on different main approaches of Opera and Ballet:

  • An aesthetic experience at the heart of the programme. Each year, the classes enjoy access to an opera and a ballet, in rehearsal or performance. The performance offers pupils and students the opportunity to enjoy an aesthetic experience as they become spectators. Be it for repertoire works or new productions, research related to music, dance, theatre and aesthetics is carried in class, supervised by the teachers. Activities are thus proposed upstream and downstream of the climax of the outing to the Opera. Students report their emotions but also their critical approach to live performance.

  • The visits of the two theatres, Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille, is one of the key moment for the classes. They get to discover all the secrets of the stages and meet artists and craftspeople in the backstage.

  • Classes open up to new artistic disciplines - dance, theatre, song, creative writing, visual arts ... - throughout the year and during school hours, in the framework of practice workshops supervised by artists, in schools or in local cultural structures. The pupils enjoy a powerful group experience in which they become genuine actors and no longer spectators.

  • This discovery of a new universe is enriched by meetings with the staff of the Opera, live performance professionals who, through their commitment, knowledge and expertise, contribute to the pupils's training. These meetings with Opera professionals gradually help them to reflect on their own professional orientation. Artists, technicians, craftsmen, administrative staff of the Opera, all share the desire to transmit an experience that can enlighten and educate students

To highlight the progress made, the pupils learn to share the results of their multiple educational activities. They report regularly on their findings and offer exhibitions, screenings, renditions or performances to other classes, families or even the whole school or other institutions. These varied events are situations in which a shared reflection can emerge allow everyone to have a better understanding of the objectives and issues corresponding to the activities carried out.

The program is continually evolving. This season it will be extend to Corsica, Bretagne and an excellence training program: the “Petits violons” (little violins) class and the Dance class.

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