Opera University offers all students, whatever their field of study, the chance to discover opera and ballet around works scheduled at the Paris Opera. These à la carte courses help them to understand the processes underlying opera and ballet production. They bring added value to discussions of the various works between students following different curricula, whilst providing new insights and perspectives.

Over the last decade, nearly 400 higher education institutions (universities, high schools, colleges, art schools, student associations and groups...), representing more than 12,200 students, have participated in the activities initiated by the Paris Opera’s Opera University. Henceforth more than 2000 students come each season to discover both the Paris Opera and opera in general.  

 Visuel : Projet C.O.D.E Opéra Garnier 2075 – Pauline Ah-Fa, Gabrielle Gbaguidi, Colette Herry, Guillaume Leroux - Ecole de Condé -MDGRI/Master Design Global Recherche et Innovation  

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