Palais Garnier

Google Cultural Institute

A wealth of new and original material highlighting the history and heritage of the Palais Garnier is provided on the site Art project - Google cultural institute by the Paris Opera in partnership with the Google Cultural Institute.

  • a virtual tour using Street View technology (as well as providing an original route through the Palais Garnier from the main entrance to the stage and visits to all the different floors of the theatre, the 360°views available with Google Street View provide a unique opportunity to see inside areas traditionally closed to the public like the rooftops, the Ballet rehearsal rooms and the famous lake of the Palais Garnier, the inspiration for Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera).

  • an ultra high definition photo of the ceiling painted by Marc Chagall ( the most minute details of this pictorial composition measuring 220m2 are clearly visible. This is the largest work available in Gigapixel on the Google Art Project site).

  • A selection of photographs of the works of art that make up the theatre’s interior and exterior decoration (paintings and sculptures).
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