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Les coulisses de Bastille
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A great modern theatre

The Opéra Bastille is the work of the Canadian-Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, who was chosen in November 1983 after an international competition that attracted entries from some 1,700 architects. The theatre was inaugurated on July 13th 1989.
Its architecture is marked by transparent façades and by the use of identical materials for both the interiors and the exteriors. With its 2,745 acoustically consistent seats, its unique stage facilities, its integrated scenery, costume and accessory workshops, as well as its numerous work areas and rehearsal rooms, the Opera Bastille is a great modern theatre.

The main auditorium

Area: 1,200 m², 5% of the total for the building
Dimensions: 20 m high, 32 m deep, 40 m wide
Number of seats: 2,745
Materials: blue granite from Lannelin in Brittany, pearwood from China, glass ceiling

Stage facilities

Orchestra pit, mobile and adjustable, can be covered; at its largest it can house 130 musicians Main stage, 45 m high, 30 m wide, 25 m deep, made up of 9 elevators allowing several levels to be created and supported by three main elevators, which bring scenery up from below stage Clearing zones, 4 storage areas with the same dimensions as the stage Backstage area, with its scenery turntable Circulation area, scenery temporarily stored between the stage, workshops and rehearsal stage, the Salle Gounod, with its orchestra pit and dimensions identical to those of the main stage .

Opera City

In order for performances to run smoothly once the curtain has gone up, hundreds of people join forces and combine their expertise throughout the year. The Opéra Bastille is a genuine living city bringing together stage technicians, sculptors and painters, seamstresses and hairdressers.

The Paris Opera relies on both craftsmanship and ultra-modern techniques for creating props, costumes, wigs, sets. This blend of technical innovation and age-old "savoir-faire" is to be found in the Bastille workshops.

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