(La bande à) LAURA - Young Audiences - Season 22/23 Programming - Opéra national de Paris

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    Dance - Young Audiences

    (La bande à) LAURA

    Gaëlle Bourges

    Amphithéâtre Olivier Messiaen - from 08 to 10 December 2022

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(La bande à) LAURA

Amphithéâtre Olivier Messiaen - from 08 to 10 December 2022

(La bande à) LAURA

Dance - Young Audiences Gaëlle Bourges

Amphithéâtre Olivier Messiaen - from 08 to 10 December 2022

1h00 no interval

From 11 years old


In few words:

After almost a few years scandals and 160 years of speeches by art historians about Manet's Olympia, (La bande à) LAURA questions the presence of the two women in the painting to give it a historical, social, and symbolic dimension. The four performers on stage bring a new look on the work by questioning the erasure by history of the identities of the two protagonists: Laure and Victorine.

All audiences performances
9 December 2022, at 8pm
10 December 2022, at 3pm
10 December 2022, at 8pm 

School performancesBooking conditions
8 December 2022, at 2pm
9 December 2022, at 2pm

Ticket prices
Adults - 16€
Under 15 - 5€
School - 5€

(La bande à) LAURA, The keys to the show

The "Keys to the show" are meetings around the creations of the Academy, allowing to apprehend the work and the reading proposed by the artists. All interested people (teachers or not) are invited to come and meet the artists and discuss with them. The performances thus become accessible to all audiences.

Small conference proposed by the artist Gaëlle Bourge around the performance (La bande à) LAURA.

Tuesday 29 November 2022 at 6pm
at the Studio Bastille

  • (La bande à) LAURA


    • Music :

      Stéphane Monteiro aka XtroniK

      Giuseppe Verdi

      Marie Jaëll

      Chiquinha Gonzaga

    • Conception and narrative :

      Gaëlle Bourges

    • Dresses :

      Anne Dessertine

    • Costumes and stage prop :

      Anne Dessertine

      Gaëlle Bourges

    • Lighting design :

      Abigail Fowler

    • Singing accompaniment :

      Olivia Denis

    • Performers :

      • Carisa Bledsoe

      • Helen Heraud

      • Tatiana Gueria Nade

      • Julie Vuoso

    • French Sign Language :

      • Lucie Lataste


Available in audiodescription



Available in audiodescription



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