Sponsors and partners

Sponsors and partners

The Paris Opera wishes to thank its partners and sponsors for the 2017-2018 season:    

Principal sponsors

  • Principal sponsor of the Paris Opera

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  • Principal sponsor of the Paris Opera Ballet

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  • Principal sponsor of the Académie de l'Opéra national de Paris

Official partners

  • Exclusive timepiece of the Paris Opera

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The Paris Opera’s corporate sponsors and partners circle

Major Sponsors

  • Founding sponsor of the Paris Opera Academy

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  • Sponsor of the Paris Opera initiatives for young people and of the avant-premières

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  • Sponsor of Opera's broadcasts

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  • Founding sponsor of the Paris Opera Academy

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  • Sponsor of La Cenerentola

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  • Sponsor of opera and ballet programming

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Sponsors and Partners

  • Sponsor of Don Pasquale

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  • Sponsor of the Academy’s artistic education programmes

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  • Sponsor of Orphée et Eurydice

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  • Sponsor of production

  • Sponsor of the 3e Scène

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Associations and foundations

  • Grow Annenberg

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  • Blavatnik Family Foundation

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  • Fondation Eloise Susanna Gale

  • Florence Gould Foundation

  • The American Friends of the Paris Opera & Ballet

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  • AROP, Les Amis de l'Opéra

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  • Fondation pour le rayonnement de l'Opéra de Paris

Major donors

  • Monsieur et Madame Gregory Annenberg Weingarten
  • Monsieur Pierre Bergé
  • Monsieur et Madame Len Blavatnik
  • Monsieur et Madame Barden N. Gale
  • Monsieur et Madame Philippe Journo
  • Docteur Léone-Noëlle Meyer

  • Monsieur et Madame Philippe Beaufour
  • Monsieur Etienne Binant
  • Maître et Madame Bernard Duc CBE
  • Monsieur Jean-François Dubos
  • Madame Aimée Dubos Chantemesse
  • Monsieur et Madame Claude Janssen
  • Madame Sabine Masquelier
  • Monsieur et Madame Bertrand Meunier
  • Monsieur et Madame Jean-François Roverato
  • Monsieur et Madame William Torchiana

    Cercle Berlioz
    Cercle Carpeaux
    Cercle des Fondateurs de la 3e Scène
    Cercle Yvette Chauviré

Certains donateurs ont souhaité rester anonymes.

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Spectator offers

  • Paris Opera / Comédie-Française Weekends

    In the space of a weekend enjoy a performance at the Paris Opera and another at the Comédie-Française

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  • Under-40s

    Exclusive evenings for spectators aged under 40, including a presentation of the work, specific entertainments and a 40% reduced rate on all seat categories

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  • Gift certificates

    Share your passion for opera and ballet by offering a Paris Opera gift certificate

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Visit the Opéra Bastille

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