Report from the 15 April 2021


9 March 2021The Paris Opera brings its support to care homes. 16 April 2021 APPOINTMENT OF MUSIC DIRECTOR: GUSTAVO DUDAMEL

The Ballet promotional exam, whose conditions are defined in the article 9 - IV of the Annex of the artistic Collective Convention was held on this Thursday, 15 April (for the male dancers) and will be hold on Saturday, 17 April 2021 (for female dancers) in closed-door on the Palais Garnier’s stage. 

The openings that may be filled on this occasion are

  • 2 positions for female Sujets
  • 2 positions for male Sujets
  • 3 positions for female Coryphées
  • 2 positions for male Coryphées 

The male Quadrilles class opened the competition on April, 15 at 10:30am, followed by the male Coryphées class on the afternoon. The female Quadrilles class will begin the competition on April, 17 at 10:30, followed by the female Coryphées class on the afternoon. Each candidate is required to perform in front of the Jury an imposed variation and a variation of their choice that can be selected in the ballet repertoire of the Paris Opera. 

Results of the Paris Opera Ballet Promotional Competition: Male dancers

At the end of the Annual Corps de Ballet Promotional Competition, are promoted: 


  • Monsieur Andrea Sarri
  • Monsieur Nikolaus Tudorin


  • Monsieur Chun-Wing Lam
  • Monsieur Jack Gasztowtt

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