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Report from the 26 March 2019

Opera Academy

25 March 2019Jeudi 28 mars : Radio Classique fête les 350 ans de l’Opéra de Paris 29 April 2019Journée internationale de la danse

They are singers, musicians, choreographers and directors. They are between twenty and thirty years old. They have been chosen for their excellence and start their residency at the Academy of the Paris Opera. Culture and music are their trump cards and their strength. They embody both diversity and living together, but also a new generation of committed artists. They talk Mozart, Puccini, Verdi… via Skype and their cell phones. They are the world and the talents of tomorrow.
Along with them, throughout an entire season, we discover the mysterious world of the Opera and make it accessible to all. We keep pace with their apprenticeship, their art, their doubts and hopes until they take their first steps on the stages of the Bastille or the Garnier Opera houses.
This film is their story.

Opéra Académie - Teaser

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