Message to spectators of performancs of Cherkaoui/Eyal/Ashton at the Palais Garnier

Dear subscriber,

Before all else, we wish to thank you for your 20/21 season subscription.

As you probably know, due to the persistent uncertainties weighing on the health situation, the Paris Opera has been forced to to substantially modify its autumn 2020 programme.

Sadly, we are therefore obliged to confirm the cancellation of all the performances of the ballet Cherkaoui/Eyal/Ashton, scheduled from 27 October to 14 November 2020 at the Palais Garnier, for which you had booked tickets.

We will proceed to a refund of your tickets, within a maximum period of two months.
If you have paid exclusively by credit card, you need take no further action upon receipt of this message; you will be receiving an email indicating the status of your refund.
In all other cases (cheques, multiple payments, vouchers, credits, exchanges...) please send a scan of the tickets, together with your IBAN and BIC code, by email to (if you do not have your ticket, you can send us your account or order number)*.

This cancellation does not affect your subscriber status, valid for the entire 20/21 season.

In addition, we are please to inform you that the ballet Cherkaoui/Eyal/Ashton will be given in December 2021.

Aware of the inconvenience caused by these changes due to the very particular circumstances, we thank you once again for your comprehension, and hope to see you again in our theatres very soon.

Further information is available on or on + 33 1 73 60 23 23 from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm.

* If you have already sent us a BIC code since January 2020 and your bank details have not changed, please do not take this request into account.

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