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A Little Mouse at the Opera, a Paris Opera podcast sponsored by Jacadi.
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Produced by Kidsono. With Lilly Caruso and Corrado Invernizzi. Written by Ève-Marie Bouché, based on an original idea of Benoist Husson. Director: Ève-Marie Bouché and Benoist Husson. Original score: Cédric Barbier. Foley artist: Benjamin Rosier and Nicolas Lockhart. Sound editing and mix: Nicolas Lockhart. Executive producer: Benoist Husson. Coordination Opéra de Paris : Caroline Brown, Aliénor Courtin, Antony Desvaux, Inès Piovesan, Gwenola Taithe. Illustrator : Cécile Gariépy.

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Act 6: An Opera on the Roof

"Nobody had ever heard of a mouse and a rat creating a show and performing infront of an audience. Yet I was obsessed with the idea. In the following months, I continued towork on my dancing... all the while watching the various trades that participate in creating a show..."

Act 5: The call of the stage

"Luca thought he was being discreet, but I knew very well that he attended as many singing classes and rehearsals as possible to work on his beautiful voice. Even better hidden than he was, I was watching him observing the class...and taking part in it!"

Act 4: Dancing and dancing, again and again

"I had been dancing late into the night, while Luca sang the melody for me. Afterwards, exhausted, we had both hidden inside the piano to rest for a bit, except we had fallen asleep and the dance class was about to start!"

Act 3: Chasing the magician

"If the magician Rothbart can turn a Princess into a swan, he must be able to turn a mouse like me into a ballerina... I absolutely must find this Rothbart! Mister magician, are you there?"

Act 2: The making of dreams

"At night, in my dreams, I do perfect pirouettes and also, I jump so high that it looks like I’m flying away, so the whole room applauds me. I'm really very pretty in my tutu. And I dance so well that it makes people want to smile and cry at the same time. What about you, do you ever dream?"

Act 1: A mouse fallen from the sky

"Everyone always talks of the “little rats” of the Opera; the pupils of the Paris Opera Ballet school. But I had decided that for the first time, there would be a “little mouse” of the Opera... and it would be me!"

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