Philippe Béziat Director


Philippe Béziat made for theatrical release Pelléas and Mélisandre, the blinds’ song in 2009, NOCES, Stravinski / Ramuz in 2011, and Traviata and us, an opera-documentary focusing on Jean François Sivadier’s production at the Aix-en-Provence Festival in 2011 (released in October 2012).
He also made many documentaries for television. Among them: De mémoire d’orchestres (Orchestras’ memory) 2x43 minutes on the Orchestre National de France, 60 years of operatic art at Aix-en-Provence, and The Four Seasons Phenomenon, all in partnership with Christian Labrande.
He developed a special bond with Marc Minkowski, to whom he dedicated 5 movies (The Musicians of the Louvre – Words of Orchestra, Marc Minkowski rehearsing La Belle Hélène, For Saint-Cecilia, Berlioz at Versailles – and coming soon an Evening with Jacques Offenbach), but also with Rinaldo Alessandrini (Gloria by Vivaldi, Rinaldo Alessandrini recording The Brandenburg Concertos, and, recently, a youth programme co-directed with Gordon: Antoine’s Four Seasons).
He has filmed many productions such as La Pietra del Paragone by Gioacchino Rossini or "Pop’pea", an opera-rock based on Monteverdi, staged by G.B.Corsetti and Pierrick Sorin, The Tales of Hoffmann, staged by Olivier Py, Pelléas and Mélisande and The Ring, by Robert Wilson (and also Antoine Gindt’s “short” version: Ring Saga), but also concertos (for example at the occasion of the Festival de Verbier.).
Philippe Béziat directed several short-films, among which Le JT Petit Opéra, inspired by Fearful Symmetries by John Adams, and Musica da camera, based on George Crumb’s music.
His next feature-movie, Indes Galantes, will be released October 28, 2020. This documentary follows the artistic encounter of stage director Clément Cogitore, choreographer Bintou Dembélé, and 30 hip-hop, krump, break and voguing dancers. Together, they reinvent Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Baroque masterpiece Les Indes Galantes at the Bastille Opera House.

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