Dominique Bruguière Lighting designer


Dominique Bruguière is a lighting designer for theatre, ballet and opera. Her most outstanding creations have been made in collaboration with major international artists like Robert Carsen, Deborah Warner, Peter Zadek, Jorge Lavelli, Youssef Chahine, Werner Schroeter, Luc Bondy and Patrice Chéreau. She has twice been awarded the Grand Prix de la Critique and the Molière for best lighting designer for the Patrice Chéreau productions of Rêve d’automne (2001) and Phèdre (2003).
She also created the lighting for his final production, Elektra, at the Aix Festival. In the domain of dance, she has collaborated with Jean-Claude Gallotta, Karole Armitage, Catherine Diverres, Héla Fattoumi & Éric Lamoureux, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, and Angelin Preljocaj. She has also worked extensively at the Paris Opera creating the lighting for numerous productions including Jeanne d’Arc au bûcher (1991), Les Variations d’Ulysse (1995), Lohengrin (1996), Turandot, Salammbô, Die Lustige Witwe (1998), Don Giovanni (1999), War and Peace (2000), Nosferatu (2001), Ariodante (2001), Medea (2002), Hercules (2004), Caligula (2005, 2008), Idoménée (2006), Yvonne, princesse de Bourgogne (2009) Siddharta (2010), and La Source (2011). More recently, she designed the lights for Don Carlos at the Lyon Opera, and Christophe Honoré’s production of Tosca at the Aix Festival.  

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