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Carré Or

A prestigious event for your guests

The Carré Or offer allows you to organize an exceptional event at the Palais Garnier or the Opéra Bastille once a year, giving your guests access to areas that are not normally open to the public (backstage areas, sets, costume workshops, rehearsal rooms...) or that are privatized for them (foyers, salons, rotondes...), as well as exclusive moments around the artists’ work. Combined with a cocktail, breakfast, lunch in our theaters, or even an opera or ballet performance.

  • Carré Or members also benefit from the best of the Arop Corporate Club’s advantages.

Discover the events that can be organized as part of the Carré Or offer

Access to rehearsals

Let your guests discover the birth of a production and the work of the artists, then enjoy a private cocktail in the theatre, only for you!

Corporate Club evenings

Throughout the 31 Corporate Club evenings, customize your event by organizing a private cocktail before the performance and/or during the intermission, by adding a private supper after the performance, or by inviting artists to your tables.

Private backstage tours

Accompanied by professional guide, enjoy private backstage tours of the Palais Garnier or the Opéra Bastille, around the theme of your choice (costumes, composers, crafts...).

Meetings with artists

Meet professionals of the Opera (artists, craftsmen, members of the Management) to discover their work and experience the behind-the-scenes of a production through their eyes, as well as their outlook on the challenges of a cultural institution...

Carré Or donation from €50,000 (€20,000 after tax reduction)

  • Access to the 31 Corporate Club evenings and the best seats,
  • a more flexible ticket exchange and booking policy,
  • the possibility to privatize reception areas for the cocktail or the dinner on these evenings,
  • an exceptional event once a year, on a date of your choice, for about 50 people,
  • priority access to the “Avant-Premieres” for your young employees.


Arop Corporate Club
Thomas Astoux

Pauline Beaucamps
Phone: +33 1 58 18 35 40

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