Major partners of the Paris Opera’s 350th anniversary

Major partners of
the Paris Opera’s 350th anniversary

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In 1995, the choreographer Jean-Claude Gallotta offered the dancers of the Paris Opera his work, Les Variations d’Ulysse, for the stage of the Opéra Bastille. The stage flies, which were the same size as the opening of the proscenium arch made it impossible to install the drops (or side drops)—large pieces of black or white velvet that allow performers to enter on stage whilst also concealing the wings. As a result, large frames 4 to 5 metres wide and equal to the height of the visible stage had to be built. These were covered in black or white fabric and fixed on rollers. Positioned on each side of the stage, these enabled the dancers to enter unseen on stage. It was only natural that they should be named after the choreographer—and they are still being used today in other productions.

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Partners of the Paris Opera’s 350th anniversary

  • Sponsor of Crystal Pite's production

  • Sponsor of Opera's Battle

  • Sponsor of Les Indes galantes

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  • Sponsor of La Traviata

  • Sponsor of the Emperor box restoration

  • Principal sponsor of the Paris Opera Ballet

  • IT Mobility & User Experience Partner

  • Mécène Services IT

  • Sponsor of the Paris Opera Academy

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