Film director, sociologist

Manuela Dalle is a director and a sociologist. After earning her degrees in political science and sociology, she began her career at the CNRS research institute, where she conducted research on films about theaters. Her first films were for the mythical franco belge show 'Strip-Tease'. At this time, while directing severals documentaries, she captured different societal subjects from a sensitive and subjective perspective. As her career progressed, she began directing more films on the art world. She explored the world of dance collaborating on a big project about Boris Charmatz in the French Alps. She then directed a lot of artists' portraits for Arte. These included: a documentary about the photographer Denis Darzacq, another one about the painter Jonone, and one about the contemporary artist Gilles Barbier ...

In 2014, she directed a documentary called ‘Catho on the road ‘. This film was about a priest who travelled around Los Angeles, boosting the catholic community. This was her directing debut in the US and she received critical acclaim. Upon returning to France, she developed a project about the 'Cinematèque Francaise' and she collaborated with Paris Opéra on the movie ‘Je me souviens’.