Film director

Guillaume Delaperriere was born in 1974 in Paris, where he lives and works. Graduate of the ENSAD (National Superior School of Fine Arts) of Paris, he combines in his creations his two means of artistic expression: sound and image. His work includes collaborations with musicians such as the French duo Air, the rock band Phoenix, or artist Xavier Veilhan.

In 2004 he created a visual and musical concept to compose an original music based on videos sampled in mass media (Drums Unlimited, Mondovision). The loop is the driving force of the creation. Guillaume Delaperrière edits the plans by applying the rules of musical rhythm and follows the pattern of a four beat measure. The narration is expressed as a score and it proposes to the audience to look at the music and to listen to the images.

In keeping with his process, he opts for filming his own images to compose a visual music. By the use of different approaches, ranging from documentary (Lisboa Orchestra, Dharavi Orchestra) to studio staging (My Silver Spoon), he captures simultaneously sound and image in a musically perspective storytelling. His videos are projected on multi-screens installations in the form of audio-visual performances. He plays his visual music live by means of a real-time interface and offers to the audience a new kind of concert.