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The Opera Bastille

The Opéra Bastille, designed by the Canadian-Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, was inaugurated on July 13th 1989. It is characterized by an architectural style comprised of lines, transparency, and light-coloured materials (floors in white Verona marble, walls finished in Valreuil limestone and blue granite). These in turn bring out the interior finishings in pear wood, black wood, luminous frosted glass and polished stainless steel. The theatre offers a unique collection of performance spaces with a 2,754-seat main theatre, a 500-seat amphitheatre and a 230-seat studio, surrounded by foyers.

THe main theatre

Thanks to its optimal visibility and its homogeneous acoustics, the main theatre of the Opéra Bastille offers the same level of comfort to everyone in the audience.


The space is composed of a semi-circular stage surrounded by tiers of terraced seats that can accommodate a total of 500 people. The foyer of the amphitheatre may also be used to host cocktail parties and all kinds of receptions.

THe Studio Bastille

This intimate 230-seat auditorium was specially designed so that its scenographic and acoustical qualities would allow it to host small musical and operatic performances. The Studio Bastille, which has its own dedicated entrance, also has a foyer adjoining the auditorium which can be used to organize cocktail parties.

The Foyer Panoramique

Located on the seventh floor, the Foyer Panoramique is a vast circular space which offers an expansive view of the most beautiful monuments in Paris on an East-West axis.

THE boucliers

Like the loggias built to the thickness of the façade off the staircases, the boucliers (with a maximum capacity of 60 people) are salons that are half-open onto public areas, offering the requisite privacy for a cocktail party during performance intervals.

Private tours

Backstage tours of the Palais Garnier and the Opéra Bastille may be offered to your guests during your event. Lasting approximately one hour, these tours are led by a bilingual guide and the groups are comprised of a maximum of 30 people.