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Individuals The operatic productions / Join the Berlioz Circle!

The Berlioz Circle gathers a group of philanthropists and opera enthusiasts who want to support the new operatic productions presented at Garnier and at the Bastille Opera House.

In 2020/2021, for its sixth edition, the Berlioz Circle will bring its support to the new production of Faust (Charles Gounod) by Tobias Kratzer, starring Benjamin Bernheim in the title-role, and to the worldwide creation of The Satin Slipper by MarcAndré Dalbavie, based on the masterpiece written by Paul Claudel and in a production by Stanislas Nordey. The Berlioz Circle offers you an exclusive and unique discovery tour to dive into the creative process of the operatic productions: meet the artists, singers, stage directors, the musicians and the artistic crew, visit the sets, the costume workshops and attend to the rehearsals… This discovery course gives you an expert eye to better apprehend each one of these works on the evening of their Premiere.


Olivier Dorgans et Alexandre Nadjari, co-présidents
Maura-Helena Gonzaga, co-présidente
William et Françoise Torchiana, co-présidents
Robert et Elizabeth Carroll     
Claude et Tuulikki Janssen

Florence et Damien Bachelot
Philippe et Donatienne Beaufour
Robert et Elizabeth Carroll
Jean-Pierre et Marie-Florence Duprieu
Olivier Perquel
Christian et Béatrice Schlumberger
Thierry Sueur et Béatrice Thomas
Claudine Théodore
Antoine et Sylvie Winckler

Jean-Marie Baillot‑d’Estivaux
Philippe Blavier
Jacques et Katharina Bouhet
Michel et Catherine Carlier
Michèle Ducarne
Charles Foussard
Annick Frotiée
Olivier et Maryse Gayno
Helman et Anne le Pas de Sécheval
Chantal Peraudeau-Mazin
Marie-Claire Ricard
Xavier Richer
Éric Rouvroy
Philippe Tengelmann

Some donors prefer to remain anonymous    

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Gabrielle Tallon
Sponsors and major donors managers.
+33 (0)1 58 18 65 15

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