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A subscription consists of the priority booking of tickets to several productions from January 30 through May 25 that may result in a discount.
You can subscribe starting with just 4 productions for a minimum of 40 tickets, or a minimum of 50 tickets if you subscribe to 5 productions etc.… Subscribe to a minimum of 6 productions and enjoy a 20% discount on a selection of performances and seat categories.
You have a grace period during which you can modify, cancel or confirm your subscription option free of charge and without commitment.

Booking individual tickets

Enjoy priority booking on all performances throughout the season: purchase tickets / or place your option requests as per the calendar of opening dates outlined below.    


May 28, 2018: Operas, ballets, concerts
June 26, 2018: The Academy programme, Performances for Young Audiences
September 6, 2018: The Ballet School Performance and Demonstrations.

Firm bookings

  • Buy your tickets and programme vouchers. No minimum purchase required.

    Accepted means of payment: bank card, American Express, gift voucher.

All ticket orders are payable in euros and must be settled in full in a single payment either by gift voucher, cheque, postal order, electronic transfer, purchase order or administrative remit.
Tickets will be sent out by regular mail at a cost of €6 or by registered mail at a cost of €10 (€8 and €15 for addresses outside France).

Placing options

Book your seats and enjoy a set period of time to change or cancel your order. Starting at a minimum of 10 tickets per performance and per seat category.
Make your option requests on the performance(s) of your choice on or after the opening date for bookings, confirm the number of seats desired, pay before the payment deadline (payment deadlines are staggered according to the production and are indicated on the option summary) or cancel the option.


  • As subscriber groups have priority, the availability of seats in each category for non-subscription purchases cannot be guaranteed for all performances.
  • The processing of requests from groups based in the regions or abroad are given priority.
  • When making your requests, we suggest that you provide an alternate date, seat category, and/or performance.
  • Seats in the theatre are allocated at the time of payment. The sooner you buy, the better your seats!
  • Assurance annulation : la possibilité de vous faire rembourser vos billets en cas d’empêchement

Visit the theatres

  • The Opéra Bastille has been classed as a 20th century heritage monument since 2016. Guided backstage visits are offered several times a week

  • The Palais Garnier is open to visits throughout the year and regularly stages temporary exhibitions in association with the French National Library

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