Covid-19: Cancellation of the 2019/2020 season

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The Ballet School

A historical project

In 1713, Louis XIV promulgated a decree officially creating a "Dance Conservatoire", reserved for the dancers of the Royal Academy of Music. But it was only in 1780 that the first regulations certified a school entirely dedicated to children, run according to principles that are still in force today: free tuition (as Louis XIV ordered at the outset), admission through selection, fees and salaries, and a professional framework for the school.

Teaching excellence

For over 300 years, artistic education at the Opera has fostered the direct transmission of knowledge from teachers to pupils: ensuring the continuity of the French School of Dance and the Paris Opera Ballet. The School – still known as the Opera Ballet School until quite recently – is closely linked to the Opera through both its structure and programme.
While the Dance School is the keeper and perpetuator of invaluable know-how on classical academic dance, young dancers also receive a broad, multidisciplinary education including classes on music, mime, acting, entertainment law, the history of dance, anatomy and gymnastics.

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