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Share your passion for opera and ballet with future generations and partake in the history of the Paris National Opera

The Paris National Opera needs you! You can choose to support its missions by leaving a legacy gift, a donation or the benefit of a life insurance to the Paris Opera. Choosing to entrust all or part of your assets to the Paris National Opera is the sign of a special relationship with our institution. It is choosing to sustainably support its lyric and choreographic activities; it is allowing the institution to secure the ongoing success of its artistic excellence.

The assets you decide to pass on to us are completely exempt from inheritance taxes. The entire amount will thus be entirely devoted to the completion of the Paris National Opera’s missions. Through its transparent functioning and the rigorous management of the funds you entrust us with, the AROP will guarantee, confidently, the use of your gift for the benefit of the Paris National Opera.

To know more, do not hesitate to contact us and order our documentation for free. For any question regarding the transmission of your assets, please consult your notary. 


Deciding to transmit an asset or a legacy gift to the Paris National Opera is an important step that requires reflexion, close assistance and dialogue. Each gift is the result of a particular story. This is why the AROP is committed to assisting you in the development of your personal project and remains at your disposal to help you in the process, with complete confidentiality and without any obligation on your part. If you so desire, we can also come directly to you in order to answer your questions.

Contact us:

AROP- The Friends of the Paris Opera

Not-for-profit organisation

Philanthropy Department

Palais Garnier

8, rue Scribe

75009 Paris FRANCE

+33 (0) 1 58 18 65 15


The American Friends of the Paris Opera and Ballet

+1 212 43914 26


Your questions, our answers

Why should I transmit all or part of my estate to the Paris National Opera?

Leaving your legacy to the Paris National Opera means supporting artistic creation and investing in its future. It is allowing the continued training of the greatest artists of tomorrow; it is promoting the opening of its two theatres, the Palais Garnier and the Opéra Bastille, to an ever growing audience. Your commitment at our side encourages us to pursue the excellence of our missions.

Is my estate significant enough to make a legacy?

There is no minimum amount required to make a legacy gift, a donation or a life insurance. The value of your act is, however, priceless.  

What can I bequeath?

You can bequeath any kind of goods: sums of money, real property (apartment, land…), movable goods (furniture, jewellery, art works…), bonds, life insurance contracts, etc. 

How do I avoid disinheriting my children?

If you have rightful heirs, part of your legacy is theirs by right. The legacy gift or the donation made to the Paris National Opera can therefore only concern the remaining part, in complete exemption from inheritance taxes, according to the French law.

How can I help the Paris National Opera without parting with my estate?

You just need to choose a “temporary donation of usufruct”. Thus, you will keep the bare ownership of your goods while allowing the Paris national Opera to collect the income derived from it (rent, interests, dividends…). This option also allows you to benefit from tax benefits. 

How will my legacy be used?

It will be used to finance the activities and develop the projects of the Paris National Opera in absolute respect of your wishes. Indeed, it is possible to dedicate your legacy or your donation to a specific project. If the testator did not formulate a particular wish, the donation assignment will be chosen by the AROP, according to the priorities of the Paris National Opera. 

How should we proceed to leave a legacy?

You just need to write a handwritten testament, then date it and sign it. Therefore, it is always better to consult your notary, who will check if there are any mistakes in the writing of the testament that might result in nullity. The notary designated by the testator remains the notary in charge of the succession. Likewise, the notary can help you make a donation, or advise you on the subscription for life insurance at the benefit of the Paris National Opera.

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