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Individuals The Paris Opera Academy / Join the Cercle de l'Academie!

Transmitting, training and creating are the three main missions of the Paris Opera Academy. Focused on two fields, the professional training on one hand and the artistic education on the other hand, the Paris Opera Academy strives to accompany young artists and craftspeople in learning their craftsmanship and enables young spectators to discover the world of opera and ballet in an active and innovative process.

Creation is the goal and the outcome. Stage directors and choreographers from different backgrounds are invited to offer a new reading of repertoire works, both for artists and craftspeople in residence and for students, as part of their artistic and cultural education.

Each season, the Academy proposes a programme of shows, concerts, recitals and meetings dedicated to the young audience and welcomes nearly 20,000 spectators of all ages and varied profiles. Accompanied by their teachers and the Opera teams, the young audience discovers and practices arts.


Léon Cligman, Honorary president
Martine Cligman
Aline Foriel-Destezet
Flavia et Barden Gale
Jean-François Godin
Claude et Tuulikki Janssen
Philippe et Karine Journo
Sabine Masquelier
Natalia Smalto  

Jean Audenis
François-Xavier Chauchat
Pierre et Helle Liautaud
Éric de Rothschild
Raoul et Melvina Salomon  

Aimée Dubos Chantemesse
Michel Germain
Sébastien Grandin
Gary et Jeanne Ianziti
Thomas Pearsall et Rio Howard  

The Paris National Opera also thanks the generous donors of the gala « Rêve d’enfants ».  

Some donors prefer to remain anonymous   

Contact us

Lucile Zimmermann  
Major donors Officer
+33 (0)1 58 18 65 15 lzimmermann@arop.operadeparis.fr  

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