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My First Time at the Opera

For their first visit, families who have never attended a performance at the Paris Opera will enjoy personalised support and extremely attractive rates on third of the season’s productions.  

Offer : My First Time at the Opera

Season 20/21   

Tickets go on sale at a date to be announced    

All shows included in this offer:

All about « My First Time at the Opera »


  • 250 seats per performance are being set aside for the initiative at the specially reduced rate of €25 per adult and €10 per children under the age of 18.
  • To accompany them in this initiatory experience, the Opera’s staff will welcome the families before each performance in question (at 5:30 pm or at 12:30 pm depending on the time it is scheduled).
  • During these special moments, various staff members – professionals who work behind the scenes at the Opera – will talk about their craft and describe the preparation of the production which will later be performed on the main stage.

How to register

  • Fill out the registration form online. Indicate the chosen production and the number of tickets required for the members of your family by age group (children aged from 8 to 18 / and those aged 18 and above).
  • Based on the information you provide, and if your application is successful, our staff will contact you to explain how to complete your order.


  • Your family must include at least one adult. Given the length of the performances, children (4 maximum) must be at least 8 years old on the date of the performance.
  •  A maximum of 6 tickets may be allotted per family.
  • In order to respect the principle of “My First Time at the Opera”, we must ensure that the families selected to participate in the initiative have never been to the Paris Opera before. 
  • Since it is possible that we will be unable to satisfy everyone, all requests will be processed in the order in which they arrive. If you are not chosen, we urge you to send us another request at the next opening date for registrations. Alternatively, you can consult our other “Spectator Offers”.

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