3e Scène

When Paul meets Adele

Alexandre Steiger signs "De longs discours dans vos cheveux" for the 3e Scène

By Milena Mc Closkey 28 November 2018


© Carl Labrosse

For the Paris Opera's 3e Scène, actor, director and writer Alexandre Steiger has imagined a perambulation between comedy and poetry in the basement of the Palais Garnier. Paul and Adele, extras in the opera Tristan and Isolde, take advantage of a coffee break to go in search of the legendary underground lake. Their roamings from the trivial to the sublime draw the lines of a modern-day Map of Tendre and invite us to dream. De longs discours dans vos cheveux makes exquisite use of dialogue for, as the director points out in this interview, it is words that weave the affairs of the heart. In the company of his accomplices, actors Judith Chemla and Samuel Achache, Alexandre Steiger discusses the creation of the film and their experience of the 3e Scène.    

Watch "De longs discours dans vos cheveux" by Alexandre Steiger

DE LONGS DISCOURS DANS VOS CHEVEUX by Alexandre Steiger, with Judith Chemla and Samuel Achache

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