3e Scène

When K.R.U.M.P meets Rameau

Interview with Clément Cogitore

By Milena Mc Closkey 22 September 2017


Visual artist and filmmaker Clément Cogitore has created for the digital stage of the Paris Opera Les Indes galantes. Made for the 3e Scène, this movie was shaped by different encounters. First, when an artist met the enfant terrible of hip hop: the K.R.U.M.P. And then, the connection of this intense dance with the music of an opera-ballet: Les Indes galantes. Keeping always in mind his desire to share his fascination to the dancers and offer them a moment on the Bastille’s stage, the filmmaker made a striking and jubilant movie. This interview takes us back on the film’s set, while Clément Cogitore evokes both his ambition to see one day the K.R.U.M.P take the Paris Opera by storm, and how this dance casts new light on the inherent tensions of Rameau’s opera-ballet.

Watch "Les Indes galantes" by Clément Cogitore

« Les Indes galantes » by Clément Cogitore

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