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The suburb is singing

Jean-Gabriel Périot films “There is joy in this struggle" for the 3e Scène

By Milena Mc Closkey 30 May 2018


When the Paris Opera's 3e Scène offered carte blanche to director Jean-Gabriel Périot, the documentary maker with a probing eye, ever curious about the contemporary world, turned his camera towards an unexpected universe.

“De la joie dans ce combat” features the inhabitants of popular districts participating in the "Une diva dans les quartiers" inititative under the guidance of mezzo-soprano Malika Bellaribi-Le Moal. They inspired the director with the idea for a new project: a libretto based on their accounts and set to music. This film is a way of offering them "their" own opera. “De la joie dans ce combat” challenges our vision of opera and of the suburbs and their inhabitants.

In this interview, Jean-Gabriel Périot discusses the birth of the film, the moving encounter with these singers as well as the comforting and emancipating power of art.    

Watch “The is joy in this struggle" by Jean-Gabriel Périot

DE LA JOIE DANS CE COMBAT by Jean-Gabriel Périot

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