The Hofesh Shechter experience

An interview about Uprising and In your rooms

By Solène Souriau 28 February 2022

© Julien Benhamou / OnP

Hofesh Shechter en répétition (saison 21/22) - Marion Gautier de Charnacé, Jack Gasztowtt, Letizia Galloni, Loup Marcault-Derouard et Mickael Lafon

After The Art of Not Looking Back, which entered the Paris Opera Ballet's repertoire in 2018, Hofesh Shechter is passing on two new pieces to the company's dancers: Uprising (2006) and In your rooms (2007), which, with their spectacular staging, offer the audience particularly powerful experiences. The choreographer discusses the obsessions at the heart of these ballets: the sometimes violent human relationships within a group and the ways in which often contradictory energies are organised. Shechter evokes the gestural signature of each piece: the animal side of the boys searching for each other in Uprising, and the smallness of the isolated individual in In your rooms.

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