The art of seduction according to Angelin Preljocaj

Alice Renavand performs Le Parc

By Antony Desvaux 31 May 2021

© Agathe Poupeney / OnP

Appointed Dancer Étoile in 2013 after a performance of Le Parc, in which she danced the main female role for the first time, Alice Renavand tells Octave magazine about her encounter with Angelin Preljocaj when he revived his ballet created in 1994 for the Paris Opera. Fascinated by the choreographer's language and the way he uses very simple gestures to create powerful emotions, she explains her work of interpretation alongside Étoile dancer Mathieu Ganio, and how she used her own experience of love to give substance to Preljocaj's sensual choreography.  

Quiz: Let's dance through time!

2 min


Quiz: Let's dance through time!

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