Ashton / Eyal / Nijinski

Sharon Eyal or the fluidity of bodies

Marion Barbeau rehearses Faunes

By Antony Desvaux 02 December 2021


© Yonathan Kellerman / OnP

On the occasion of Sharon Eyal's first creation for the Paris Opera Ballet, Octave magazine talks to première danseuse Marion Barbeau. Eyal's piece for eight dancers is entitled Faunes, a free interpretation of Nijinsky's L'Après-midi d'un faune. Marion Barbeau shares with us the imaginary world that unfolds in this ballet, with its plant, animal and human characters. She also explains in detail the choreographer's writing, nourished by the gaga technique, which allows her to give substance to creatures that are both nymphs and fauns: a masculine-feminine fluidity that echoes the floating temporality of Debussy's score.

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