3e Scène

Sensual architecture

Interview with Sébastien Laudenbach

By Milena Mc Closkey 01 June 2017


Sébastien Laudenbach directed Vibrato for 3e Scène, a short film as sweet as candy. The director, a leader in French animated film, utilizes animation to breathe life into the Paris Opera’s emblematic theatre. In Vibrato, every corner and detail which make the Palais Garnier’s uniqueness are set in motion and echo the sensual memories of Louise, the widow of architect Charles Garnier. By the capstans, Vibrato’s starting point, Sébastien Laudenbach evokes his project and what thrills him at the Opera.

Découvrez « Vibrato » de Sébastien Laudenbach

« Vibrato » by Sébastien Laudenbach

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