Tribute to Jerome Robbins

Jerome Robbins' jazzy accents

Dissection of a step: Episode #3

By Octave 04 May 2017


Jerome Robbins' jazzy accents
With In G Major, the ballet running at the Palais Garnier from May 2 until May 27, Jerome Robbins has fun mimicking the Broadway style in response to the jazz-infused overtones of Maurice Ravel’s music. The result creates an exquisitely old-fashioned atmosphere reminiscent of a carefree stroll during a summer holiday. Invited to restage the ballet at the Paris Opera—a work that has been in the Opera’s repertoire since 1975—ballet teacher Ghislaine Thesmar shares her mastery of the ballet’s tempos and rhythms with the Étoile dancer Léonore Baulac.

Step sequence (diaporama)

Les accents jazzy de Jerome Robbins
Les accents jazzy de Jerome Robbins 7 images

Watch the step in video

En Sol de Jerome Robbins - Extrait (Marie-Agnès Gillot)

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