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Frôlons with James Thierrée

Reportage in the costume workshops

By Octave 02 May 2018

© Agathe Poupeney / OnP

James Thierrée in the sewing workshops of the Palais Garnier, April 2018

Frôlons with James Thierrée
As he prepares to take over the public areas of the Palais Garnier in the company of fifty dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet, James Thierrée meticulously adjusts the costumes he has imagined for his creation. Inspired by the architecture of this ancestral and mythical building, he has long observed its facades, stucco-work and gilding. In his piece, he invites dancers to metamorphose into half-human, half-animal forms, clad in sequins and a thousand spangles. During a fitting session, photographer Agathe Poupeney captured details of the various materials, offering a glimpse of these articular bodies with a baroque feel.

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