Draw-me Fin de partie

Understand the plot in 1 minute

By Octave 10 May 2022


As Clov points out from his appearance, the performance is over before it has even begun. At the age of 90, György Kurtág composes his first opera and seizes upon Samuel Beckett’s 1957 play of the same name for a subject. This centrepiece of the new theatre that emerged after the Second World War presents a post‑apocalyptic world and four characters whose relationships have deteriorated to the extreme: an aged paraplegic, his handicapped servant and his parents who live in dustbins. 

To accompany these absurd figures, shadows of themselves, director Pierre Audi adds nothing more than a house to the set. In this no man’s land, the sombre, penetrating tones of the orchestra – the fifth character in the opera – serve a score as rich as the life on stage appears meaningless.


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