Draw-me A Quiet Place

Understand the plot in 1 minute

By Octave 21 March 2022


A Quiet Place, composed in 1983 by Leonard Bernstein and reworked in 1986, was conceived as a sequel to Trouble in Tahiti. Three decades later, we re-encounter Sam, a failed father rejected by his two children. Dinah, his wife, has just died in a car accident and the family have gathered for her funeral. The pain of mourning reveals unspoken wounds. This work, deeply rooted in the society of the era and its accompanying taboos, is the last opera by a composer who constantly sought to renew operatic forms. A new version, adapted by Garth Edwin Sunderland, was premiered in concert version in 2013 under the baton of Kent Nagano. The opera is being brought to the stage for the first time, and the Paris Opera has entrusted this project to Krzysztof Warlikowski, who focuses the story around the family and its secrets.  


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