Berg, Boulez, Barrault, 1963

First Production of Wozzeck at the Paris Opera

By Octave 17 February 2017

© Roger Pic / BMO

Heiner Horn (Wozzeck) et Kieth Engen (le médecin) dans « Wozzeck » lors de l’entrée de l’œuvre à l’Opéra de Paris, en 1963

In 1963, nearly forty years after the world premiere, Georges Auric, Administrator of the Paris Opera at the time, brought Alban Berg’s Wozzeck into the repertoire. The work, already performed in 1952 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées by the Vienna Opera company, had never been heard at the Paris Opera. At the end of an exceptional season, that of 1963/1964, Georges Auric evokes the first Paris Opera production of Wozzeck, directed by Jean-Louis Barrault and conducted by Pierre Boulez.

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