Behind the scenes of Play

Last rehearsals

By T. M. Rives 03 August 2021


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Behind the scenes of Play
"Astound me!" Challenging Jean Cocteau in this way, Serge Diaghilev, the entrepreneur of Les Ballets Russes, invited the young artist to create for his company. Over a century later, Alexander Ekman, the new wunderkind of dance, has made this injunction his own, and astounds audiences in theatres all over the world, reaching out to them through spectacular and inventive pieces full of mischievous, incisive energy. Play, his first creation for the Paris Opera Ballet on 2017, is typical of his approach, which draws viewers into a whirlwind of sensations while raising serious questions about the world. To original music by Mikael Karlsson, he explores play through the various stages of life, and wonders what adults do with their childhood games. The director T.M. Rives, another fellow traveller, went behind the scenes at the opera and filmed three sequences of the creative process.     

The Buddies

Play (Alexander Ekman) - Teaser « The Buddies »

Meute de Fnerfs

Play (Alexander Ekman) - Teaser « Meute de Fnerfs »

Pas de deux

Play (Alexander Ekman) - Teaser « Pas de deux »

The Off Lady

Play (Alexander Ekman) - Teaser « The Off lady »

Choreographer: Alexander Ekman

2 min


Choreographer: Alexander Ekman

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