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Authorised signatures

List of currently valid authorised signatures as accredited by the Director of the Paris Opera.

  • Monsieur Jean-Philippe Thiellay

    Deputy General Director

  • Madame Aurélie Dupont

    Director of Dance

  • Madame Myriam Mazouzi

    Director of the Academy

  • Mademoiselle Elisabeth Platel

    Director of the Ballet School

  • Monsieur Philippe Jordan

    Musical director

  • Monsieur Ilias Tzempetonidis

    Casting Director

  • Madame Sarah Barbedette

    Director of Dramaturgy

  • Monsieur Jean-Louis Blanco

    Administrative and Financial Director

  • Monsieur Nicolas Minssen

    Technical Director

  • Monsieur Nicolas Marty

    Director of the Stage

  • Monsieur Jörn Tews

    Manager of musical training

  • Monsieur Romain Risset

    Plan director and artistic production

  • Monsieur Jean-Yves Kaced

    Commercial and Development Director

  • Madame Christine Neumeister

    Director of Costumes

  • Monsieur Olivier Petit

    Human Resources Director

  • Madame Albane de Chatellus

    Responsible for External Relations and Protocol

  • Madame Violaine Charpy

    Cheffe de la mission Salle Modulable/Ateliers Bastille

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