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In accordance with the French law n°78-17 dated 6/1/78 relative to data processing, files and individual liberties amended by law on 6/8/04, and the law dated 21/6/04 for confidence in the digital economy, you have the right to consult, rectify and delete information concerning you. You are also entitled to decline to receive information and/or commercial propositions by email and the use of your electronic contacts for prospection. You may exercise you rights vis-à-vis the Paris Opera by modifying your spectator file online or by sending an email to mescoordonnees@operadeparis.fr.

Groups are not concerned by these regulations. Groups no longer wishing to receive email should contact the "Service des Collectivités" in writing.

Application of the LCEN

(law for confidence in the digital economy) at the Paris Opera


What is the LCEN (law for confidence in the digital economy)?
Voted in June 2004, this law deals in particular with commercial canvassing by email. The law requires individuals to give their active consent to receiving commercial offers. This means that any organisation collecting a private individual's electronic contact information must obtain the latter's prior agreement to the use of this information.

How can I update the information concerning me on the Paris Opera website?
Go to www.operadeparis.fr, click on "Personal space" and log-in using e-mail address and your password ). Fill in the information concerning you.

What happens if I am a new spectator ?
In this case, when you request a brochure on the Internet site or book tickets online you will have to fill in an identification form with your postal and electronic contact data. At the same time you will be asked to accept/refuse the use of your electronic contact data.

Following changes to the online bookings site, I can no longer connect directly to bookings, what’s happening?
Following the introduction of the LCEN we invite you to update your client details. After identifying yourself you client file will automatically appear so that you can update the information concerning you. You will only be able to proceed to the bookings' pages after replying to these new questions.

What is the meaning of the detailed sentences on the new version of the spectator file on the reservation site?
The three sentences are as follows:
- I accept to receive email from the Paris Opera with information and/or special offers concerning its performances /products.
- JI accept to receive email from the Paris Opera with information and/or special offers concerning its cultural partners’ performances/products.
- I authorise the Paris Opera to transmit my electronic contact details to third-party partners.

They enable us to obtain your authorisation to use your electronic contact data (email and mobile phone number at present) to send you information and promotions from the Paris Opera or its partners.

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