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Complementary course teachers

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Yasmine PILETTA – Mime

Trained in the art of mime by Ella Jaroszewicz (defector of “the Pantomime Ballet of Wroclaw”, Poland National Theater founded and directed by the dancer Henryk Tomaszewski), she performed in all the creations of her company “The Magenia Theater” and took part in the tours in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, Austria, Spain… from 1974 to 1994.

Yasmine Piletta has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 1977.

Marie BLAISE – Traditional dance

Early trained to French and Polish traditional dance, Marie Blaise completed her dance training with contemporary dance and classical ballet, but also with baroque dance and French and Italian renaissance dance. From 1979, she performed in France and abroad with the Michelle and Michel Blaise Folk French dance Company. For this company, she co-created several shows for children (De la cour au jardin, Bêtes à poils bêtes à plumes et entrechats, Coups de bâton et cheval-jupon…). In 1992, she joined the Company of Master Guillaume and Sophie Rousseau, whose work was focused on the relationship between music and dance in the Renaissance repertoire. From 1996, she also participated in shows of the Company l’Eventail (Marie-Geneviève Massé’s Company for baroque dance) as performer and assistant of the choreographer.

Marie Blaise has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 2000.

Larrio EKSON – Contemporary

Born in New-York, Larrio Ekson was decided on studying theater at the age of 16 and against his father’s will. Noticed by Lucille BEARDS, he got a scholarship to study at the School of Fine Arts de Carnegie Hall, which led him to the School of Harkness Ballet. In 1970, he arrived in Paris and discovered the dance studios of the Villa Wagram and the Salle Pleyel where he took Nina Vyroubova’s classes. Legendary partner of Carolyn Carlson, the most famous choreographers like Maurice Béjart and Jiri Kylian asked for him. Alongside his carrier as a dancer, Larrio Ekson has earned an international name as a renowned pedagogue: in 1992, Roland Petit gave him the responsibility of the contemporary dance department at the National Ballet School of Marseille, he is invited as teacher at the Rudra-Béjart School, he also is a teacher at the Paris Opera Ballet, the National Conservatoire of Paris, Lyon and La Rochelle, as well as at the National Choreographic centers of Nancy and Roubaix.

Larrio Ekson has been teaching master-classes at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 2008.

Bruce TAYLOR – Jazz

Choreographer, dancer and teacher, Bruce Taylor comes from New York where he was trained at the Alvin American Dance School and at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. After performing with the companies of Agnès de Mille, Bella Levinski, Walter Nicks and Elisa Monté, he came to live in France in the 1980s. He worked with Peter Goss and Redha before creating his own company in 1996: ChoréOnyx. He also created works for other companies and has been teaching ‘modern jazz’ all over Europe, especially at the English National Ballet, the Royal Ballet School, as well as at the Bartholin International Dance Seminars in Copenhagen.

Bruce Taylor has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 1993.

Roxana BARBACARU – Character dance

Trained at the Ballet School of Bucharest from 1966 to 1975, Roxana Barbacaru got a baccalaureate in dance studies in 1975. Soloist of the Bucharest National Opera from 1975 to 1984, she joined the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris in 1984 where she followed a professional training to become a dance teacher. In 1994, she founded her own character dance company – Roxana Barbacaru Company – and staged several shows for it (Rencontres dansées, Voyage autour de la danse, Danse de l’Europe orientale). At the same time, she created and performed in La divine Analogie and La voix qui se voit.

Character dance teacher at the Paris CNSMDP and CNR, Roxana Barbacaru has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 1996.

Jessica BAUMANN-CHOPPE – Character dance

Jessica Baumann-Choppe was first trained to classical ballet and studied dance with renowned masters such as Gilbert Mayer, Jean Golovine and then Roxana Barbacaru with whom she discovered character dance. She worked and improved her knowledge with her for over 20 years and was her assistant for many years at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris. Their complicity and involvement for character dance led Jessica Baumann-Choppe to enhance her work especially with Irina Grejbina in Paris and Yuri Vassilkov in St. Petersburg and to continue to deepen her experiences through personal research on traditional dances. Eager to pass on her knowledge to a wider public, she founded the Dance Academy in Meaux where she enjoys transmitting this rich and fulfilling discipline.

Jessica Baumann-Choppe has been teaching at the Ballet School Janine Stanlowa and at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 2011.

François-Xavier FEREY – Gymnastique

Physiotherapist since 1993 and head of the physiotherapy department at the National Institute for Sport and Physical Education since 2001, François-Xavier Ferey is also coordinator of the Performance Support Unit (rehabilitation, physical training and recovering), coach and member of the judges in the physiotherapy field. He was also a member of the medical team at the Olympic Games (Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008 and London 2012) and of the paramedical management team (gymnastics, rehabilitation, stretching) of French Teams (aerobatics, riding, rowing…). Meanwhile, he was in charge of gymnastics classes and of the back school at the C.H.R. in Pontoise from 1993 to 2001.

François-Xavier Ferey has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 1996.

Scott Alan PROUTY – Musical expression

American citizen and known in France as specialist in children’s voices, Scott Alan Prouty completed his studies at the Eastman School of Music in New York. Artistic Director of the Children Choir Sotto Voce, he often directs children operas at the Bastille Opera and the Théâtre du Châtelet. He also leads advanced classes for Choir Direction and Musical Pedagogy in France and is often asked to coach soloist children for movies, CDs, TV programs and shows at the Paris Opera, Théâtre du Châtelet and Palais des Sports.

Scott Alan Prouty has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 1988.

Sylvie JACQ MIOCHE – History of Dance

Professor specialized in Modern Literature, Doctor in Aesthetics, Dance historian, Sylvie Jacq Mioche worked on the Dictionnaire de la danse (Dictionary of Dance), the Dictionnaire de la Musique Française au XIXème siècle (Dictionary of the French Music during the 19th century) and on the Encyclopédie des femmes créatrices (Encyclopedia on creative women). In 2007, she published La danse vue par Maurice Béjart et Colette Masson (Ballet revisited by Maurice Béjart and Colette Masson). She regularly participates in drafting the programs of the Paris Opera.

Sylvie Jacq Mioche has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 2005.

Emmanuelle LYON – Anatomy

Trained at the Balanchine School and by Maggie Black in New York, Emmanuelle Lyon has danced with the Boston Ballet, the Bat-Dor dance company in Israel, with Heinz Spoerli in Switzerland and Peter Goss in Paris. As a ballet teacher and a specialist in Functional Analysis of the Body in Danced Movement, she teaches regularly at the National Center for Dance in Pantin and for the dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet for the teachers's course leading to the « Certificatd'Aptitude » and the State Diploma. She also teaches at the university Paris 8, for the acrobats at the National School for Circus Artists in Rosny-sous-bois, at the National Center for Dance in Angers.

Emmanuelle Lyon has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 2003.

Clément HERVIEU-LEGER – Acting

Admitted in the Comédie Française in 2005, he performed especially under the direction of Marc Bozonnet, Anne Delbée, Andrzej Seweryn, Lukas Hemleb, Claude Mathieu, Eric Génovèse, Robert Wilson, Véronique Vella, Denis Podalydès, Pierre Pradinas, Loïc Corbery, Marc Paquien, Muriel Mayette, Jean-Pierre Vincent, Anne-Laure Liégeois, Lilo Baur… Outside the Comédie Française, he works with Daniel Mesguich, Nita Klein, Bruno Bouché, and Patrice Chéreau and appeared in movies with Catherine Corsini, Patrice Chéreauou Guillaume Nicloux. Director, he staged La Critique de l’Ecole des femmes by Molière, La Didoneby Cavalli, l’Epreuveby Marivaux. He signed the dramaturgy of La Source choreographed by Jean-Guillaume Bart for the Paris Opera Ballet. Since 2010, he has been co-directing the “Compagnie des Petits Champs”.

Clément Hervieu-Léger has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 2009.

Daniel SAN PEDRO – Acting

Trained at the National Conservatory in, Daniel San Pedro performed in L’Épreuve by Marivaux, staged by Clément Hervieu-Léger with whom he co-directs the “Compagnie des Petits Champs”.He participated in several theatrical performances under the direction of Ladislas Chollat, Fabrice Melquiot, Jean-Luc Revol, Marcel Maréchal, Gildas Bourdet, Jean-Luc Palies, Franck Berthier, Philippe Calvario, Gregory Baquet, Gaël Rabas, Laurent Serrano…For Les Sables Mouvants, he was nominated for the Prix Michel Simon and was awarded the Best Actor Award at the Festival Jeune Comédien de Bézier. From 2002 to 2005, he was associate artist at the Centre National de Créationin Chateauvallon (Direction Christian Tamet). He also staged A la recherche du lys (monologue taken by Garcia Lorca which he adapted and performed), Ziryab, Le Romancero Gitan, Dans les rues de la ville, Contes et recettes.

Daniel San Pedro has been teaching at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris since 2010.

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