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FAQ 1-year training program

1. At what age can my child apply?

The 1-year training program is dedicated to girls and boys aged between 11 to under 13 as of September 1st of the audition year.  

2. How can my child apply for the selections?

You can apply via the dedicated platform on our website. No application sent via post or email will be taken into consideration.
Please, make sure that you follow every step of the application process and that you don’t forget any required document, in the right format (formats are indicated in the form). Incomplete or non-compliant applications will not be taken into consideration.
Once the payment for your registration fees goes through, you will receive a confirmation email for your application.

3. Until when can my child apply ?

You can generally apply from September 1st to the beginning of October of the audition year. Pass this date, the platform will be closed.
It will not be possible to apply after this date.

4. Is it necessary to meet physical criteria to be admitted?

Size and weight criteria are only given to be advisory. They correspond to the average size and weight of the Ballet School students and are only given as information on the height-to-weight ratio.

5. Once my child has passed both selections, what happens next?

Parents then received a registration file to complete and send back rapidly, so that they can begin at the School in September 2019.
1-year trainees will be registered at the Paris Opera Ballet School for the 2019-2020 school year. At the end of the year, they pass a competitive exam in June 2019 which will determine their admission as full-time students for the following year, beginning in September. In case they would not be admitted, they can apply for the training program selections of the following year, depending on their age.

6. What does a day at the school look like?

Students have their education divided in two parts each day: in the morning, from 8 am to 12 am, the students attend academic classes and in the afternoon, they have ballet classes.
The students have a lunch break with a meal they necessarily take at the School restaurant, then the ballet lessons start at 1.30 pm, with a break and a snack at the restaurant between 4.30 pm and 5 pm. They can have one or two classes of 1h30 each every day, apart from rehearsals.
The School has a boarding house, open from Sunday evening to Thursday evening included. Half-board is compulsory, as well as the snack, but the boarder-house is not. It is a service offered to families.
Families must be able to come and pick up their children in case of illness or accident. This is the reason why families who live outside the region of Paris must have a person living in Paris or in the nearby region. During the Spring, 1-year trainees can take part in the rehearsals and the Ballet School performance.

7. Fees for the 2018-2019 school year

  • Half-boarder: about €512,83 1st term, €384,62 2nd and €256,42 3rd terms (meals included)
  • Boarder: €1680 1st term, €1260 2nd and 3rd terms (meals included)
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