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Arts education

Projects and training paths

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Working together

Do you have a project you would like to develop by coming to the Opera with your students? Just send it to us and together we will devise a complete programme of activities according to your possibilities and the theatre's requirements.

Discover behind the scenes

How is a rehearsal organised, who produces the sets and costumes, what technicians are needed to ensure a performance runs smoothly: our theatres reveal a number of their secrets to school groups or groups from music and dance schools. An additional stage in your teaching programme.
The activities planned include: visits to the theatres or workshops (sewing, sculpture, painting...), meetings with Opera house professionals (a large number of professions are present: artists, technicians, administrative staff ...), rehearsals of an opera or a ballet, tickets to a Young Audience production or reduced rates for a performance in the main auditoriums.

Your project

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To meet your needs in the most appropriate way, please send us a file including:

  • The objective of the teaching staff's work (history, literature, music, technical studies, etc.)
  • The activities planned in your establishment and elsewhere
  • Any other important information neeeded to understand the overall project
  • Practical information (number of students, class level, persons or institutions involved in the project, precise contact details...).

Performances in the main auditoriums

As part of these educational projects, preferential rate seats are available: 35 seats per group, including accompanying staff, limited availability.

Operas Tickets €25  

Ballets Tickets €15  

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