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O U I is a three-season residency of dancer and choreographer Régine Chopinot at the Paris Opera Academy. Throughout the season, choreographic workshops welcome people in exile, learning the French language or in precarious situations. Through dance, combining action with words, this project aims to transmit tools for personal, human and societal development. It emphasizes orality and movement, promotes awareness of the body and language, both the language of a shared community and the expression of its singularity. Taming the bodies, naming them to regain unity, naming the space also to feel at the heart.

Each season, a public presentation is done at the Amphitheatre. O U I has already been the subject of two documentaries by Jean-Baptiste Warluzel.

  • O U I #3

    Jeune Public - Régine Chopinot

    Amphithéâtre Olivier Messiaen - Opéra Bastille — le 12 mars 2022 à 20h00

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    CHU Raguinot
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  • Habitat et humanisme
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