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The film director Arnaud Uyttenhove has authored a documentary on the photographer Alec Soth, “Somewhere to disappear” (2011).
As he felt deeply attracted to dance without really knowing this universe, he was fascinated by the idea of lingering with his camera in the historic buildings of the Paris Opera which were a source of inspiration for him. His film “Laura” tells the story of a young dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet, Laura Bachman, and of her inner conflict : even though she is part of one of the best dance companies in the world, she questions her future and her vocation to become a classical dancer.
By slipping from the documentary towards a more oneiric atmosphere which comes close to the aesthetic of video clips, Arnaud Uyttenhove juxtaposes the reality of a dancer’s daily life far from the glamour of the performance on stage to the phantasm of ballet and the state of transcendence which she can attain by expressing herself through dance.