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After "O as in Opera" in which nearly every corner of the Bastille and Garnier Opera houses were filmed, we felt it would be interesting to break from these places full of history in order to explore the opera from a different angle, and focus on music and listening.
So quite naturally it became evident that we should try and recommunicate some of the emotions that run through us when we take the full intensity of an Opera.
As we were trying to find a word to best describe the sensation that one experiences when one attends a performance for the first time, the impression of getting literally « a slap in the face » kept coming up. So we thought our character in this film would get "slapped" both literally and figuratively ...
Because the « 3ème Scène » was created with the idea that the Opera can be experienced everywhere and by everybody we wanted to start from a normal, ordinary situation (a man walks down the street and puts his headphones on) and then have our character in turn pushed, submerged, struck, caught up in a whirlwind by the music he is listening to, and pulled in these sort of living pictures by artists representing the world of the Opera (dancers, conductor) who will trigger his imagination.