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Live once more the emotions of Adieu Bohème, the last movie shot and broadcasted by the 3eme Scene, in a remastered version.

Made by Jeanne Frenkel and Cosme Castro, this movie was shot and broadcasted live in the level -6 of the Bastille Opera on Friday, 27th October at 8, 9 and 10 pm. The original soundtrack was also composed live by Flavien Berger and Lou Rotzinger on the Bastille Studio stage during the movie broadcasts.

“The most beautiful way to say goodbye”

Once the evening show is over, Professor Turrell and his team are ready to welcome you in the underground of the Bastille Opera, level -6. This team offers the perfect break-up to the couples who ask for it: with the help of stage designs, actors, dancers and musicians, they re-write your goodbyes. But tonight, we are going to follow the story of Thibault, a young man that never had the chance to say goodbye to his girlfriend…



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