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The film director and screenwriter Rebecca Zlotowski has entered the world of cinema with two award-winning films, “Belle Épine” and “Grand Central”. Her encounter with the team of the “3e Scène” has profoundly altered her vision of the Paris Opera, which had formerly seemed to be a closed and academic world from which she had felt quite remote. Attracted by the creative freedom that was offered to her,
she realized that the Palais Garnier, a place peopled by phantoms and the spirits of those who used to live and work there, was an ideal stage to experiment with a subject that is at the heart of her next film, “Planetarium” : spiritualism.
Together with two actresses and a group of Paris Opera Ballet dancers, “actors” of astonishing discipline, Rebecca Zlotowski has created, in a single day of shooting, a film full of imagination about the unexpected invocation, during a rehearsal, of the spirit of a master of dance.