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Every year ,the Paris Opera Academy organizes auditions in order to find young lyric singers. They come from all over the world with the foolish dream to belong to Paris Opera. This meeting is of vital importance for them.Their destiny depends on it.Hundreds of artists come but only a few of them will be choosen.We were lucky to attend this event and we filmed these young artists close to them in the intimacy of that moment. We were present on the stage and in the backstage and we choosed to show you,essentially ,what happened there.This is this particular point of view we decided to put it forward in order to show our film as a sensorial experience ,experience of the fright,of the apprehension of the action before jumping into the empty space.

The voice is the first wind instrument and in this emergency critical situation it is the whole body which summons up all its strength to make the breath circulate.That is what we observe.That is the tension the film wants to put forward.And when the breath circulates and when the voice releases, the full strength of the lyric song invades the space.

Bellini, Verdi and Purcell assume power again to offer us the magic of the voice.