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Loren Denis, film director, photographer and fashion model, likes to find herself on both sides of the camera. For her, the Paris Opera has always been a magical, prestigious and appealing place, and dance is the incarnation of some kind of “ultimate poetry”.
When she was invited to participate in the “3e Scène”, she jumped at this occasion to go through the looking glass: she wished to explore the hidden corners of the Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille and bring together these two buildings which, in spite of their different aesthetic, have a common soul. In cooperation with her co-screenwriter Anthony Vibert, she invented a poetic reverse alphabet, tongue-in-cheek and with a hint of humour, an unusual entry point into the universe of the Opera.
It allows the spectator to discover dancers, singers, musicians, but also people and places that are invisible to the audience, such as the numerous workshops where sets, costumes and props are manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship.