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With a poetic approach, Carine Brancowitz likes to represent the grace of youth in her drawings. While she wandered through the corridors of the Palais Garnier and the Opera Bastille, which she considers to be a very apt playground for her work, she was struck by the contrast between the flamboyance and symbolic greatness of the buildings and “this youthful fauna that occupies them, works ardently, almost religiously, with absolute rigour and devotion” : the young dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet.
Inspired by Greek temple friezes, Carine Brancowitz elaborated a nine-metre drawing which captures the intimacy and simple everyday life of young dancers who prepare for their morning class. This work, which is accompanied by a mixture of backstage noises and more personal creations, oscillates between reality and imagination and expresses languor, infinity, and the suspension of time.